ZArchive: Various Breads and Butters
Released on Apr 8, 2019
Length: 01:12:42
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130: Goodbye-phen to Hyphen

The final episode of VBB has long-time producer and graduating senior Michelle “Hyphen” Polton-Simon as our guest. It’s on to new things for all of us. We say goodbye with a quiz by Tom Polton and a sort of bonusode at the end with a call from producer emeritus Renan Sequitur Dincer bearing news about the lost episodes. Thank you to all of our listeners, all our guests, all the people who have written in, all the kind words. Thanks to all the students and friends who have helped produce and intern for the show over the years, Renan, Michelle, Eric “Wingsy” Weber, Thomas “Willitho” Williams, Johnny “Didn’t Have a Nickname” Gossick, Will “Madison Square” Gordon, Ian “Code” Morse, Andie “Star Student” Mitchell, Ben “The 4th BG” (and “Sesame St.”) Gordon, Claire “Swan Song” Swanson, Jen “Bon Jovi” Giovanniello, and Liam “Per Diem” O’Donnell. You can still follow us on twitter @somelaterdate and rate the show at iTunes. Credit to The Cure and Phish. Bye everyone.


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