ZArchive: Various Breads and Butters
Released on Dec 11, 2018
Length: 00:50:39
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122: Mr. Smith Goes to Easton

Blood-brain barriers, thermal fluids, medicine delivery, mechanical stuff, because mechanical engineering professor Josh Smith is in studio. He’d watch people getting their brains drilled for research, that’s a thing that happens, for injecting medicine. He’s got a PhD from UVA and a Sunday kayaking habit. He’s a longtime fan, a Posse mentor on campus, and a decent enough quiz taker, but wait till you hear about Ben G.’s accomplishment. He (Ben, that is, and Josh too, we suppose) asks that you follow us on twitter @somelaterdate, rate us on iTunes, and subscribe. With thanks to Michelle for producing and Ben and Jen for interning. Credit to Glass Animals and DMB.


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