ZArchive: Various Breads and Butters
Released on May 28, 2018
Length: 00:56:47
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112: Star Student Mitchell Makes Her Way

Another year, another intern breaks our hearts by graduating. With a nickname like "star student,” it stands to reason we couldn't expect Summa Cum Laude Environmental Studies/International Affairs double major Andie Mitchell @anandieandrea to stick around for a fifth or sixth year. So we send her off after talking about her Washington State upbringing, twin-hood, fencing passion, choice of the east coast liberal arts Lafayette, Study Abroad prowess, musical taste, and quizzing abilities on Real or Not (“Seattle bands”). When you’re satisfied with all of that, follow us on twitter @somelaterdate, like us on Fb, rate us on iTunes, and subscribe. With thanks to Michelle for producing and Claire and Ben G. for interning. Credit to Paramore (playing Drake) and Of Monsters and Men.


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