ZArchive: Various Breads and Butters
Released on Jun 5, 2017
Length: 00:48:10
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92: Born to Love Volcanoes

If you don’t already love lava, you will after this. If you already love lava, you’re in luck. Our guest is geologist Tamara Carley, a Volcanologist. She used to live by Mt. St. Helens; then she lived with Taylor Swift. Boom. Now she globe-trots and avoids lava by jumping to the left and queues up to get hot dogs on the side of Icelandic volcanoes. She too suffers the 10/20/30 question, teaches us about Nashville in a quiz, supports the Fri/Sun data, and even brought us rocks as a gift. So then, follow us on twitter @somelaterdate—you’re not following us, we see you, though you don’t read this either so this is like when you give a big speech about class attendance but what’s the point because anyone who hears the speech is already attending class—like us on Fb, follow us on Spotify, rate us on iTunes, and subscribe. Thanks to Michelle for Producing, Ian for Fact Checking, Will for Playlisting, and Johnny for Talent Booking. Also note a special EP credit to Greg MacDonald for encouraging the theme. Credit to The Meters and (with apologies) Jimmy Buffet (apologies to you, the listener, not to Cheeseburger). Dead Milkmen too.


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