ZArchive: Outside Campus

Probably the best radio show of all time from the best club promoters of Easton, PA.

Released on Mar 19, 2020

Released on Mar 13, 2020

Episode 3.5 -- The end...maybe...JK...we'll be back...we promise.

We recap Episode 3 in a 5 minute speed showdown because the radio lost the recording!......Then we talk about Corona, and everything that's happening on campus....share some eggcellent stories from last night.....and then do a crazy round of Mt. Rushmore -- animal style. Love you all. This isn't the end. We promise.

Released on Mar 9, 2020

Episode 3 - Mythical Places -- Poop Terrorist

Best episode of the season...Kyle and Adam share embarrassing stories. One of them involves poop and the other one involves a terrorist. Mount Rushmore this week is MYTHICAL PLACES! Enjoy :)

Released on Mar 1, 2020
Length: 01:04:53
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Episode 2 - Adam's Mom's Birthday

The boys sing happy birthday to Adam's mom, talk about what it would be like to jump into a pool full of sloths, reminisce about that time Cal beat up a bunch of middle schoolers on Halloween, and play a riveting game of Mt. Rushmore -- Boy Bands Edition.

Released on Feb 23, 2020
Length: 01:00:28
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Episode 1: The Story of Outside Campus

The gang is all here: Adam, Kyle and Cal. The three amigos. The three musketeers. The three stooges. Kathy's disciples. On this first episode we discuss the origin story of Outside Campus as well as answer some fun questions and play a fun round of Mt. Rushmore...enjoy.


WJRH is Lafayette College’s student run radio station broadcasting since 1946. You can listen to us on 104.9MHz on the radio in the Lehigh Valley area. Our studios are located in Hogg Hall, on Lafayette College’s campus.