Miscellaneous Music Madness (Triple M)

Released on Apr 12, 2021
Length: 00:59:00
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The One Where Emma Is Vaccinated

Got my J&J vaccine today, let's listen to the songs that made the pandemic tolerable. And technical difficulties once again cause I'm dumb.

Released on Apr 5, 2021
Length: 00:56:56
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Numerical Songs

Songs with actual numbers in the title


Released on Mar 29, 2021


Ya know the April Fools Day episode has to have some silly songs

Released on Mar 22, 2021

Same Name Game

Pairs of songs with the same name! And technical difficulties lol

Released on Mar 15, 2021
Length: 00:56:28
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Colorful Songs!

Don't @ me saying black or white is not a color for this one lol

Released on Mar 8, 2021
Length: 00:56:16
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Songs With Women's Names in The Title

Yay for International Women's Day!

Released on Mar 1, 2021
Length: 00:49:07
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Get to know me and some of the music I like yay!


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