Lost In IKEA

Released on May 12, 2022
Length: 01:10:07
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Released on May 10, 2022
Length: 01:05:36
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ep.4 with hannah george (and tess, briefly)

it all started at matt gerber's radio party. talked about dying hair, working with our dads and odd jobs, naming dogs and the quad bulldog (barking featured), and my COVID roommate. also reflect on the act of podcasting and how to have a conversation, and old friends and times changing. tess peeped in at the end!

Released on May 9, 2022
Length: 00:48:40
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episode 3: danielle mullan

it was irresistible to not be outside on a beautiful day like today. danielle and i reflected on how we met, statistics (and their flaws), and bodily functions (tw)

Released on Apr 20, 2022
Length: 00:50:31
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episode 2: jules bernstein

recorded on 3/28/22

Released on Mar 24, 2022
Length: 01:02:59
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