ZArchive: Juniverse
Released on Dec 2, 2017
Length: 02:40:52
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December 02, 2017

Track list

# Title Artist
1 NowOrNvr. Foisey
2 Telekinesis 88th Key
3 shake it down J Dilla
4 THINK AND GROW RICH(MOND) [prod. ohbliv] Radio B x Michael Millions
5 King Sh*t / Red Light In Rio [prod. ohbliv] koncept jack$on feat. fly anakin
6 Mystery Box soluh!
7 Dirty Laundry [prod. Brooklyn Taylor] Wiles Martyr
8 super punch dragon ii [prod. DJ Harrison] Fly Anakin feat. Big Kahuna OG
9 that's not us (j.robb remix) devin tracy
10 Break/Bend [prod. Nikobeats] Huey Briss
11 GRITS Michael Millions
12 Center of Attention THERAVADA
13 Rap N****z DFNS
14 Conte a Todos Sango
15 Do the Astral Plane Flying Lotus
16 Do You Got the Time Asoh Black!
17 Juice DFNS
18 BLESSED Michael Millions
19 Decifer ewonee
20 Nowhere and Everywhere ohbliv
21 kumquat Riian Raquel
22 GOLD Joey Golden
23 1nce Again Itz On DFNS
24 Rollie Dreams Dyme-A-Duzin
25 GHOSTING Good Food
26 Bounce With the Holy Spirit TUAMIE
27 Observe [prod. ewonee] Jalal Salaam
28 Third Eye Blazin [prod. K-Nite] Tha God Fahim feat. Kalima
29 Benel Vinci Barrel [prod. graymatter] Al Divino
30 14K Nolan The Ninja
32 feel good // bedrooms. Park Ave.
33 2007 [prod. KayCyphr] Afr0dite
34 Champion Arif.Omari & Frankliin
35 OMM Liv.e
36 Fadeaway 2.0 THERAVADA
37 BLACKSUGAR (feat. Fly Anakin + Nickelus F) Michael Millions
38 Loose Ends [prod. ewonee] Jalal Salaam
39 Glorious [prod. Fly Anakin] Henny L.O.
40 Lawn Chair Kota the Friend
41 Phantoms In My Soul OSHEA DAVAUN
42 Dear Summer Kota the Friend
43 seeds sadhugold x wiardon
44 UnForSakn UnUsual
45 Never Been Asoh Black!
46 Ring Mello Marc
48 Dreaming [Brwn_Sgr Edit] Nothing_Neue
49 Refined Alignment [prod. Rob Chambers] THERAVADA
50 All_Weekend (feat. Vida Jafari) B. Cool-Aid
51 These Words Are Everything [prod. Dibiase] Jon Wayne
52 Yeezy Taught H.E.R [prod. Knxwledge] Mach Hommy
53 4 More About You (5 AM Remix) Nothing_Neue
54 6.28.17 ewonee
55 Blue Lotus radicule
56 What A Day Madlib
57 Soft P*rn BlaaqGold
58 Flee the Country (feat. Big Kahuna OG & Fly Anakin) TUAMIE
59 2007 [prod. KayCyphr] Afr0dite
Loose Ends [prod. ewonee] Jalal Salaam
Wuwu Thutmose
Benel Vinci Barrel Al Divino

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