Guess What It's Time For The Show Again

Released on Nov 6, 2018
Length: 00:57:37
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November 06, 2018

As the days move on, we only have more questions: What are the boys going to pull out of their seemingly endless bags of creativity, wisdom, and sounds?

Released on Oct 23, 2018
Length: 00:51:37
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October 23, 2018


Released on Oct 16, 2018
Length: 00:53:50
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October 16, 2018

Sum quick jazz

Released on Oct 2, 2018
Length: 00:56:06
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October 02, 2018

WE'RE BACK WOOOO!!!!!! The lovely hosts, Paul and Calvin, were very efficient during the break period and managed to add 32 new members to the "Guess What? It's Time for the Show Again!" family! With full payroll too! They're all behind the scenes and want to remain anonymous for paparazzi purposes. Also don't expect the new workforce to be reflected in the quality of our show. Sorry.

Released on May 3, 2018
Length: 00:52:57
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May 03, 2018

its prolly the last show but whatever feeling fresh as hell got the rain got the sun got all the spirits of the natural world on my side in my mind in my hesrt

Released on Apr 26, 2018
Length: 00:04:23
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April 26, 2018

wide eyd feeling bright soaking up all the sun could offer to cover me with just drenched through and through but in a delightful way one that continues to grow and harbor a symbiotic relationshop

Released on Apr 19, 2018
Length: 00:56:48
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April 19, 2018

its the eve of the big day oh no oh yes everyone isfeeling the spring fever coursing through their veins and the spring peepers those damn frogs well theyre out and singing and shouting and croaking

Released on Apr 12, 2018
Length: 01:01:50
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April 12, 2018

the sun and rain its hitting our skin in equal tempreants i think go get it out now in all the stores the mom and pops where there has to be the fun

Released on Apr 5, 2018
Length: 01:01:44
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April 05, 2018

april windsss running up and down my mind at least and the frogs theiyre unthawing the ice is gone and the sun is going to blind us all its the machine for us to fight

Released on Mar 29, 2018
Length: 00:59:24
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March 29, 2018

the ides of spring are banging and rolling in and theres nothing we can do a bout it time is just a lazy beast for you and me at least and sitting around my chair just every single night

Released on Mar 22, 2018
Length: 01:00:01
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March 22, 2018

Stay woke all you folk, this is no joke, fight us and you'll go broke, also don't do coke, it isn't good for you and drugs are illegal.

Released on Mar 8, 2018
Length: 01:00:14
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March 08, 2018

The boys are back hopefully without any technical difficulties. We talked to Big Brother over the past week and he said he won't traumatize us or the listeners again!

Released on Mar 1, 2018
Length: 00:46:54
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March 01, 2018

Its our favorite day of the year!!! March fools! So pull out those pillowcases and trick or treat to your hearts content! :p

Released on Feb 23, 2018
Length: 00:54:41
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February 22, 2018

holy cow folks almost didnt make it to the station for this one but i got love on my mind love on my hheart no trolls can get to me its just me tonight lets do it boys and girsl

Released on Feb 15, 2018
Length: 00:53:38
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February 15, 2018

Its a thursday, but look at your watches!!! Whaaaaaaaaa?????? ITS TIME FOR THE SHOW AGAIN? He came to me in a dream and now the boys are ready to spill their talents to u. ;)

Released on Feb 8, 2018
Length: 00:57:20
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February 08, 2018

Wow what a time we've had away from you folks. Fresh and rejuvenated we're back and greener than ever! Zoo wee mama!

Released on Dec 14, 2017
Length: 01:04:49
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December 14, 2017

wow guys the ened of the smester is here yet the boys are still full of fear what can i say lets get a good one in and reach for the stars folks its the most we can do

Released on Dec 7, 2017
Length: 01:01:08
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December 07, 2017

oof folks the suns out and the dogs are howlin and crawlin down my neck- and dont get me started on those damned hogs either! kaboom!

Released on Nov 30, 2017
Length: 01:01:56
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November 30, 2017

it's been a long time coming for these boys to get back in the studio- but as they say time is just a number in a useless cog of a system we call reality folks. tip your waitors

Released on Nov 16, 2017

November 16, 2017


Released on Nov 9, 2017
Length: 01:00:45
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November 09, 2017

Dancin' in the streets with heat on our feet and its scalding hot. Ouch!

Released on Nov 2, 2017
Length: 00:59:04
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November 02, 2017

owwwwwwwwww get the voices out of my skull all of this noises ew

Released on Oct 26, 2017
Length: 01:00:51
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October 26, 2017

The trees are turning and the boys hearts are burning- we love it

Released on Oct 19, 2017
Length: 00:58:54
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October 19, 2017

Haha. Quirky dudes and loopy tunes.

Released on Oct 12, 2017
Length: 01:02:12
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October 12, 2017

The boys are back in town and full of music, in their veins and heart

Released on Oct 5, 2017
Length: 00:59:13
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October 05, 2017

Man they're just going out and getting in this one...these boys are flying, lighting up the night sky like some sort of rockets or something and folks there's no stopping this gruesome twosome from exploding all over your eyes and ears.

Released on Sep 28, 2017
Length: 00:46:16
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September 28, 2017

It’s the big debut!


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