Example Sponsorship Proposal

Here is what we like about this letter:
  • It answers most of the questions we’ve asked, although it doesn’t specify a date
  • It specifies the person in charge that we can communicate with
  • The person in charge has started a communication channel with persons involved
  • Provides links we take take a look at
  • It provides a budget estimate
  • It specifies the rain location
  • It is not last minute (more than 2 weeks alloted)

We are emailing you in regard to the possibility of having WJRH sponsor or co-sponsor a musical performance at Lafayette next semester.

Recently, We have been collaborating with <somebody> about getting the band <some band> to play at Lafayette.
For context, <some band> is a 5-piece band that, "blends the genres of Psychedelic Rock, Grunge, and Jazz to capture a refreshing take on the indie rock genre." The group is currently based in <some location>.

Following is a link to a music video of the band, so you can get an idea of their musical sound and style:
<some link>

A link to the band's overall album (also available on Spotify)-- they perform covers as well:
<some link>

And lastly, a link to the band's Bandcamp profile in case you are interested in attaining additional information:
<bandcamp profile>

<somebody> and us have been in contact with Student Government. They would be willing to fund an event in which the band would play here at Lafayette, if it was sponsored by WJRH.

We have also been in contact with one of the band members, <cool dude>. He seemed very interested in coming sometime next semester to play.

We were thinking of having the band perform in <location> while planning for the rain location as <indoor space>. We were also considering having another band or two from Lafayette open their act.  

We have devised a budget plan which covers costs towards having the band play here as well advertisements/decor for the show, which we plan to develop into a detailed budget plan to submit and present to WJRH. As of now, the budget we plan to propose to them adds up to a total of $<monetary amount>.

Overall, we believe that it would greatly benefit WJRH to sponsor this event. <somebody> and us are more than willing to iron out budget details, contact with the band, and the planning of the show itself.

We would greatly appreciate your sponsorship so that we could not only obtain budget approval from Student Government, but also confirm to the band itself that our transactions are legitimate.

If you are interested in sponsoring us we would greatly appreciate it. We think this band has a lot of talent representative of the interests that WJRH and the community as a whole altogether possess. In this light, we believe that the event would be a positive way for the Lafayette community to join together for a night of fun and awesome tunes.

If you could get back to us on your thoughts of sponsorship, then we would be so grateful.

<two really cool individuals> on behalf of <some organization on campus>

Thanks to Rachel Rubino'16 and Lia Embil'16 for allowing us to publish their letter.


WJRH is Lafayette College’s student run radio station broadcasting since 1946. You can listen to us on 104.9MHz on the radio in the Lehigh Valley area. Our studios are located in Hogg Hall, on Lafayette College’s campus.