Various Breads and Butters
Released on Nov 7, 2017
Length: 00:50:04
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99: Lindsay and the Gang Avoid the Meth Nazis

Season 3 begins: weirdness and/in college, Russian literature, history, sneezing etiquette, new interns, old Scandinavia, some music and passion…with guest Lindsay Ceballos of the Russian and Eastern European Studies (REES) program and host of our WJRH sister show, re:mixtape. All of this as we return with Simon’s new citizenship in hand. You can follow us on twitter @somelaterdate, like us on Fb, rate us on iTunes, and subscribe. You can also follow our guest at @re_mixtape and @REES_LafCol and say hi to the new interns Jazz, Dwayne and Ben G. Thanks of course to show producer Michelle Polton-Simon. With credit to Veronica Maggio, Abby Ahmad & Mark Marshall, and (for clips) Bill Monroe and Jeffrey Lewis.


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