Various Breads and Butters
Released on Apr 10, 2017
Length: 00:54:14
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88: The Road to Yiddish with Jessica

"Garbage people," language, religion, music, Breaking Away, museum no-nos, the whole Seal lyric debate, etc. Our most multi-lingual guest ever, Jessica “The Talent” Carr, is a professor in the Religious Studies Department, a native Floridian, a graduate of Indiana U., and a person with diverse musical taste. You’ll find that out with 10/20/30 music, after which is a quiz, Friday/Sunday, and, for you, the routine: follow us on twitter @somelaterdate, like us on Fb, listen to Spotify, rate us on iTunes, and subscribe. Thanks to Michelle for Producing, Will for Playlisting, Ian for Fact Checking, and Johnny for Talent Coordinating. Credit to King Missile and Sagol 59.


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