The WERKout
Released on Mar 10, 2019
Length: 01:34:19
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3-9-19 The WERKout ft. DirtyFINGERS - #MoodSwings

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This episode will be a throwback show originally recorded on 2/22/90. I went over to my cousins house one day on 388 East 91st & Lennox in Brooklyn & I made a mixtape of House Music. That's where my set was after I came back from Panama. Up in their attic. This is the R.E.G. Manic Depressive Mix). Sit back and enjoy what the 90s House scene sounded like in NYC.

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Track list

# Title Artist
1 One The House feat. Marshall Jefferson Ride The Rhythm
2 Pierre's PFantasy Club Dream Girl
3 Pierre's PFantasy Club Got The Bug
4 Armando World Unknown
5 Maurice & Da Posse I Got A Big Dick
6 Liddell Townsell Get The Hole
7 Armando 100% of Dissin' You
8 D-Mob We Call It Acceeid
9 Lieutenant Stitchie Dress to Impress (Hurley's House Mix)
10 Keith Thompson Can`t take it
11 Longsy D This Is Ska
12 Technotronic Pump Up The Jam
13 Julian Jumpin Perez feat Kool Rock Steady Ain't We Funky Now (Jumpin Club)
14 Doug Lazy Let The Rhythm Pump
15 K-YZE Stomp!
17 Foreplay ft Raw Sex Suck It Deep
18 Grace Jones Love On Top Of Love - Killer Kiss (The Cole & Clivilles Garage House Mix US Version)
19 ?? ??
20 Imagination Instinctual [David Morales Def Vocal RMX]
21 Raze Break For Love
22 Barry White Save Them (?)
23 Tribal House Dim Dae
24 Marshall Jefferson presents Truth Open our Eyes (spiritual mix)
25 Tribal House Motherland
26 K-YZE Stomp!
27 Doug Lazy Let The Rhythm Pump
28 ?? I Don't Need Your Love
29 Lil' Louis & The World 6:00AM

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