The WERKout
Released on Jun 5, 2016
Length: 02:04:53
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6-18-16 #TheWERKout ft. DirtyFINGERS (pre-VACATION episode)

Hello world.

This is the last show b4 I go to IBIZA over in Spain for the first time.
Actually, this will be my first international travel since 2000something So...I'm excited to bounce for a while.

My DJ unit known as The FUNKtion Sound is going with a larger group that I am the Pennsylvania chapter leader for called the "WorldWide DJ Network". So, consequently, since all of us will be over there.... we won't be HERE to do The Friday Night FUNKtion on 6/10 or The WERKout on 6/11. We'll be back in the studios of WJRH on 6/17 (and simulcasting @ChillLOVERradio too).

THIS show contains new tracks that I acquired during my #springHOUSEsessions2016 series (Google that Boo-Boo) that I like but didn't get to play. Sleepy Cat, Swati Tribe, Archie B, DirtyChannels, Low Steppa, might be making their way into the set. Enjoy the show.

#FollowTheLeader @FUNKtionSound on Twitter. #WeDoGreatRadio

COMING UP: 6/17 - Sonny Bank$ (from The Bronx) on


6/18 - Industry Rules Magazine (from NYC) on


6/24 - Eno Abasi (from Harlem) on


7/1 - V-NE$$ (from Connecticut) on


7/1 - 7/4 = ((The FUNKtion Sound ALL MIX HOLIDAY WEEKEND on WJRH.))

Track list

# Title Artist
1 Feenin (Simon Field remix) Lyrica Anderson
2 It's Alright (PMK remix) Biblical Jones
3 Beauty (Funky mix) Patti Kane (House Royalty)
4 I'm Still Holding On Breuklen Nova ft. Mavis Swan Poole
5 Unconditional Love Michelle Weeks
6 You Got To House of Funk ft. Oliver Night
7 House Music Aly-Us
8 Not Fade (DJ Spinna's Intergalactic Soul mix) Bucie
9 I'm Not Civilized Buder Prince ft. Malaika
10 Drum Skat Marlon D
11 Heat (African Day) Milk & Sugar ft. Nomfusi
12 Scent of Deep Isa Vis
13 Love Parade Harry Ley
14 Addicted Kenny Hectyc ft. Erica Iji
15 Freak Rock Rescue
16 Dinerz Brian Nance
17 Only When You're Back (Studioheist mix) James Benedict
18 Don't Know How (original mix) Calippo
19 I Ain't Got No Money (Extended mix) Galantis
20 All I Want To Do DJ SKT ft. Taet
21 The Duster Eats Everything ft. Green Velvet

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