The WERKout
Released on May 15, 2016
Length: 02:12:13
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The WERKout ft. DirtyFINGERS 5-14-16 show

The debut show of The WERKout ft. DirtyFINGERS on 104.9 WJRH FM. DirtyFINGERS is the Friday host of "The Blend" on 88.1 WDIY FM out of Bethlehem, PA. and also hosts the #TrafficJAMMING podcast on too.

This is the first night of #TheWERKout at WJRH and NEXT week, DirtyFINGERS and The FUNKtion Sound start broadcasting their longest running radio show, "The Friday Night FUNKtion" on WJRH too. Fridays at 11:59pm.

Track list

# Title Artist
1 To Be (Pablo Angel remix) RubberLips ft. Rocio Starry
2 Her Pierre Reynolds ft. Laura James
3 A Place In My Heart Crookers ft. Kym Mazelle
4 Drink In My Cuo (part 2) DJ Vivona
5 Keep Rocking (Ode to Mr. Fingers) Steve-OH-Traxxx
6 100% Dissin' You Armando
7 Suki (original mix) Jakobin & Domino
8 Remember The Time (Gloriphonic remix) Michael Jackson
9 Underskin ((BRAND NEW RELEASE)) Isa Vis
10 Drug Dealer (Rafael Carvalho remix) Volac
11 Blind 2 The Facts Passion Victim
12 Bang That Disclosure
13 Electric Relaxation (Camilo Do Santos remix) A Tribe Called Quest
14 Breathe and Stop (Pierre Reynolds remix) Q-Tip
15 Poison DJ S.K.T. vs. Bell Biv Devoe
16 Play Dead (Kenny Hectyc remix) PowerDress
17 Lose Control (Malachi remix) Dark Mountain Group
18 All I Wanna Do DJ SKT ft. Taet
19 SHP FAM Destructo & Bot ft. Anna Lunoe & Sgt. Buzzkill
20 The Duster Eats Everything ft. Green Velvet

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