Jam on the Hill
Released on Apr 3, 2022

April 03, 2022, Songs Meant for Children

Old songs, maybe newer songs originally for young children to help them with learning, but they are amazing and underappreciated.

Track list

# Title Artist
1 The Tale of Mr. Morton School House Rock (Jack Sheldon)
2 Unpack your Adjectives School House Rock (sang by Blossom Dearie with lyrics of George Newall)
3 Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get your Adverbs Here School House Rock (Bob Dorough)
4 Interplanet Janet School House Rock (Lynn Ahren)
5 A Victim of Gravity School House Rock (The Tokens)
6 I'm Just a Bill School House Rock (Jack Sheldon)
7 Sufferin' Till Sufferage School House Rock (Essra Mohawk)
8 Do the Circulation School House Rock (Jo Armstead, Maeretha Stewart, and Mary Sue Berry)
9 Telegraph Line School House Rock (Written by Lynn Ahrens and sung by Jamie Aff and Christine Lagner)
10 Electricity, Electricity! School House Rock (Bob Dorough, Zachary Sanders, with the Pointer Sisters)
11 The Shot Heard Around the World School House Rock (Bob Dorough)
12 Conjunction Junction School House Rock (sang by Jack Sheldon written by Terry Morel)
13 Interjections School House Rock (Essra Mohawk)
14 Three is the Magic Number School House Rock (Bob Dorough)
15 Sesame Street Theme Sesame Street
16 Capital I Sesame Street (Steve Zuckerman 1971)
17 Sugar Beets Sesame Street
18 Istanbul not Constantinople They Might Be Giants
19 Mariposa Ole Dan Zanes and Friends
All Around the Kitchen Dan Zanes and Friends
Loch Lomond Dan Zanes and Friends
Catch That Train Dan Zanes
Them Not-So-Dry Bones School House Rock (Written by George R. Newall sang By: Jack Sheldon)
The Body Machine School House Rock (Jack Sheldon and Bob Dorough)
A Noun Is a Person, Place or Thing School House Rock (Lynn Ahrens)

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