Good Tunes? More Like Tood Gunes
Released on Apr 14, 2018
Length: 00:55:14
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doe jart on the bender fass // the vulfpeck show

Track list

# Title Artist
1 Welcome to Vulf Records Vulfpeck
2 Baby I Don't Know Oh Oh (feat. Charles Jones) Vulfpeck
3 Business Casual (feat. Coco O.) Vulfpeck
4 Captain Hook (feat. Baby Theo, Bootsy Collins & Mushy Kay) Vulfpeck
5 Vulf Pack Vulfpeck
6 Animal Spirits Vulfpeck
7 Dean Town Vulfpeck
8 Conscious Club Vulfpeck
9 Cory Wong Vulfpeck
10 Running Away (feat. Joey Dosik, David T. Walker & James Gadson) Vulfpeck
11 1612 Vulfpeck
12 Margery, My First Car Vulfpeck
13 Mr. Finish Line (feat. Christine Hucal) Vulfpeck
14 Aunt Leslie Vulfpeck
15 Back Pocket Vulfpeck

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